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Discovery Flight

A discovery flight is an introductory airplane ride that allows you take the controls of an aircraft. Absorb the magic of flight as we soar over the local scenery of Richmond, Indiana, as well as the surrounding area.

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Flight Instruction

When it comes to flight training, we believe a student can only become as good as their instructor. This is why we analyze every detail and strive for perfection. We also host advanced ground school classes to ensure our students gain the required knowledge. 

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Flight Review

Once named a Biennial (BFR), a Flight Review must be taken by all pilots every 24-calendar months to maintain their flying privileges. We maintain high standards, yet strive towards a fun experience. Hours will vary depending on pilot proficiency.

Visit Richmond, Indiana - And experience the magic of flight.

Begin your new career in aviation!  There is no better time than now.

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airplane home.

Contact us today to receive a FREE estimate for your aircraft ferry request. From Cessna to Cirrus - plus everything in between. We will ferry the majority of general aviation aircraft. Contact us now to learn more!


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